Liam Stewart

PhD Student


Prof. Neil Eves

Current Program

Liam’s academic journey began with a Business Administration degree from Langara College in Vancouver, which he followed with a Bachelor of Human Kinetics from UBCO. He then advanced his studies with an MSc in Experimental Medicine under the mentorship of Dr. Chris West.


Outside the lab, Liam fully embraces Kelowna’s natural beauty, spending his summers hiking and biking, and his winters skiing.

Current Research

Liam is focused on applied exercise physiology, with his PhD thesis aimed at characterizing the physiological adaptations that occur during a year of triathlon training in exercise-naïve individuals. His research will provide critical insights into how coordinated adaptations across multiple physiological systems enhance exercise performance. In addition to his research, Liam is committed to teaching and aims to foster a strong interest in exercise physiology among the next generation of scientists and practitioners.