Kyla Coates

PhD Student


Prof. Neil Eves

Current Program
PhD Kinesiology

Graduate Dean’s Entrance Scholarship


Kyla completed her BSc at the University of Victoria while training with the National Triathlon Centre, and completed her MSc at the University of Calgary. She keeps busy by coaching and strength training endurance athletes, and getting outside as much as possible with her dog Pirate. Her activities of choice include cross-country skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, trail running, camping, climbing, and attempting to surf.

Current Research

Kyla’s current research aims to explore alternative therapies to help improve exercise tolerance in clinical populations that are limited in their ability to exercise. To begin, she hopes to use passive heat therapy to improve impairments to functional sympatholysis that contribute to exercise intolerance in aging and disease. She is also interested in pursuing the involvement of the autonomic nervous system and blood flow regulation in post-exertional malaise and other forms of exercise intolerance.