Jonathan Low

PhD Candidate


Prof. Jonathan Little & Prof. Ali McManus

Current Program

Jonathan completed his undergraduate degree in Public Health (Epidemiology) at BYU in Utah and his master’s degree under the supervision of Dr. David Behm at Memorial University in Newfoundland. His MSc emphasis was in Exercise Physiology and focused on the neuromuscular adaptations of endurance athletes during high-demand running events.
He is an avid runner, swimmer, and cyclist and enjoys sailing, fly fishing, hiking, and is an accomplished pianist. Most of his free time is spent doing those exact things with his beautiful wife and kids.

Current Research

Jonathan’s current research is focused on determining the effects of different types, patterns and intensities of exercise on glycemic control and biomarkers of cardiometabolic health in individuals living with type 2 diabetes. The overarching goal of Jonathan’s work is to further the idea of using exercise as medicine for populations living with chronic disease. Jonathan’s vision for his career in research is to someday get to a place where, with one quick DNA sample, we can know the perfect exercise prescription to achieve the most meaningful clinical results for each individual patient.