Dr. Travis Gibbons

Postdoctoral Fellow


Prof. Philip Ainslie & Dr. Mypinder Sekhon

Current Program
Postdoctoral Fellow

Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Trainee


Travis currently lives in New Zealand where he enjoys a good run in the hills. He is also fathering 3 duck eggs due to hatch in 2 – 3 weeks.

Current Research

Travis’s research revolves around how the brain responds to environmental and energetic challenges, primarily thermal, exercise, gravity, hypoxia and fasting/starvation. His primary focus is in how oxygen delivery to the brain is regulated, and how changes in brain blood flow affect other highly regulated variables such as brain temperature, brain energetics, intracranial pressure and cognition. Travis has additional interest in exploiting these stressors to better understand how they can be harnessed to delay neurocognitive decline with aging, and improve resilience from acute brain injury.