Quinn Malone

PhD Student


Dr. Brian Dalton and Dr. Chris McNeil

Current Program

NSERC Post Graduate Scholarship: Doctoral, UBCO FHSD 3MT Heat 1st Place Award, CIHR Canada Graduate Scholarship – Master, Investor’s Group Presidents’ Scholarship Award, KRM GSA Discussion Series Award


Quinn Malone completed his BSc (2016) and MSc (2021) at the University of Manitoba. He enjoys reading fiction, playing video games, and skiing in his spare time.

Current Research

Quinn’s research interests include the effects of acute cannabis intoxication on human movement, the effects of dual tasking on balance control, sensorimotor integration, and the cognitive determinants of movement. He has also worked on determining the efficacy of various conservative approaches to treating chronic back pain, improving our understanding of the sensorimotor contributions to spinal manipulative thrust delivery, and is also proficient at computer programming.