Our mission is to produce and disseminate internationally leading research into the causes, consequences and treatment of cardiovascular, pulmonary and cerebrovascular diseases.


The CHLVH focuses specifically on heart, lung and vascular health research throughout the human lifespan. Discover more about our research priorities.


Research at high altitude in Peru

Okanagan Cardiovascular and Respiratory Symposium 2022

Okanagan Cardiovascular and Respiratory Symposium

The Okanagan Cardiovascular and Respiratory Symposium is a biennial international research meeting, which welcomes internationally and nationally leading scientists. The Symposium welcomes leaders within the disciplines of cardiac, respiratory and vascular physiology.

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The integrative Clinical Cardiopulmonary PhysiologyLaboratory (iCCP)

Ultrasound School

The Centre collaborates with partners in the UK, New Zealand and Australia, to offer a unique training opportunity. Taught by international leaders in the field and skilled technicians with extensive research experience , the course is a 4 day event consisting of keynote lectures, lectures on basic and advanced ultrasound skills, and hands-on skill development sessions.

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