Kate Sansum

PhD Student


Prof. Ali McManus

Current Program

Kate completed her BSc(Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science with Professional Placement at the University of Bath in 2019. She spent her placement year working at the Children’s Health and Exercise Research Centre (CHERC), University of Exeter as a research assistant. Kate returned to CHERC for her Masters by Research in Sport and Health Science, focusing on paediatric physiology, and graduated in 2022. Whilst finishing her Masters, Kate also worked at the University of Bristol as a research assistant investigating changes in physical activity in 10-11 year old children and their parents since COVID-19.


NASPEM’s Marco Cabrera Student Research Award (2023), International Four Year Doctoral Partial Tuition Award (2022), Okanagan Graduate Research Scholarships.


In her spare time, Kate enjoys being active outdoors to explore the Okanagan including skiing and running, and also spending time with friends at the beach or at the local bar.

Current Research

Kate is interested in investigating how physical activity, sedentary time and exercise influence vascular health in children and adolescents. Her first study, supported by NASPEM’s Marco Cabrera Student Research Award, is investigating the effect of 1 hour of sitting on lower limb vascular function in children, adolescents and adults. Additionally, she is involved with an exercise training study to determine the feasibility of using mobile health technologies for training adolescents, and the impact this could have on fitness and vascular health. Finally, she is working on a project investigating the acute cerebrovascular responses to exercise and hypercapnia in children and adolescents, compared to adults.