Dr. Jodie Koep

Postdoctoral Fellow


Prof. Ali McManus

Current Program
Postdoctoral Fellow

Jodie completed her PhD in Exercise physiology at the university of Queensland (Australia) and MSc by research in paediatric exercise physiology at the university of Exeter (UK). Her PhD research under the supervision of Professor Jeff Coombes and Dr Tom Bailey was broadly focussed on vascular and cerebrovascular health across the spectrum of healthy ageing.


Jodie spends most of her free time running, cycling, and enjoying all the activities Kelowna has to offer.

Current Research

Jodie’s primary research focusses on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular responses to exercise in children and adolescents, with a specific interest in the and modifying influences of sex, maturation, and fitness. Jodie is running an exercise training intervention supported by the Stober Foundation to determine the feasibility of mobile health technologies for prescribing high intensity workouts in adolescents, and the impacts on fitness and vascular health. She is also leading studies to determine the acute cerebrovascular responses during exercise and acute physiological stressors in children and adolescents compared to adults, to identify the regulatory differences in factors controlling cerebral blood flow in youth, and the healthy developmental trajectories across childhood development.