Dr. Alex Patrician

Postdoctoral Fellow


Prof. Phil Ainslie

Current Program
Postdoctoral Fellow

Alex completed his BSc in Human Kinetics at the University of Guelph, MSc in Extreme Physiology at Mid Sweden University, and PhD in Integrated Physiology at UBCO.


MITACS Accelerate


Alex enjoys trail running, climbing and wine.

Current Research

Alex’s research focuses on how the human body responds and acclimates to different environmental stresses. From thermal extremes and temperature fluctuations to decreases in oxygen availability, at high altitude or during breath-hold diving. At lululemon, his postdoctoral research utilizes exercise and fluctuating environmental scenarios to better understand the interplay between thermophysiology and thermal perception/behaviour. Another passion of Alex’s is understanding the physiological (and pathophysiological) adaptations that occur in elite breath-hold divers.